MIRACLE WORKER. Many thanks, once again. I am feeling soooo much better. Hugs.

Maureen O.    January 22, 2015  

"I wanted to tell you as well that my son has stopped wetting the bed ever since day one of zipping the points for it at bed time. Its so amazing! He's 9 and has had a lot of issues with it. Acutherapy has made him a more happy confident little man. So I want to thank you for teaching that to me. It has changed my life and his as well."

Laila    August 28, 2014  

FGxpress PowerStrips™ Testimony! With Marine Phytoplankton, Ginseng, Silver & Germanium

Every season I have been trying to prepare for the allergy season and building my immune system, searching for things that would help, 10 years of allergy shots and wheat grass. I tried all kinds of different supplements but nothing got rid of my spring and summer allergies.

Ben & Yvonne introduced me to the powerstrips and it helped to reduce allergic symptoms about a month after I started using them every day. I noticed the allergy symptoms came late, but the symptoms were mild and never became severe. I actually developed more energy, and I was able to go to the gym and work out instead of feeling sick with allergies. It has been a year. I realized the strips were doing something for my immune system. I will always continue using the strips!

Rick C.    April 16, 2014   Courtenay, B.C.   

My 19 year old son, Jerid, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and an unwelcoming prognosis with prescription drugs that were slowly killing him. We were indeed blessed to be led to Yvonne Dollard Perc at Island Healthworks. Jerid felt a difference within a few hours of taking the herbs she prescribed and is now living a vibrant lifestyle.

Maureen O.    January 9, 2014   Qualicum Beach, B.C.   

Thank you so much for your help. My son was about to have surgery to clear his sinuses and also was off to see a specialist about migraines. With your help and one trip to the Chiropractor he says he is feeling better than he has for almost a year. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Donna H    July 24, 2013   Courtney B.C.   
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