Island Healthworks Gift Certificates

Give The Gift of Health Care This Christmas!

Material gifts are universally offered during the holiday season, but many people want to do something different. How about a gift that can potentially make a lasting difference in someone’s life?

We believe that health care is a key investment that requires resources and the knowledge of what approaches may best meet your needs. A gift certificate from Island Healthworks is an attractive and convenient package as a Christmas gift that will truly stand out.

Every health condition requires its own circumstantial approach that factors in lifestyle changes, dietary planning, health care product needs and nutritional counselling. A gift of health can empower people in the long term. This is a lasting gift that includes knowledge about your body and how to approach your health as well as the appropriate treatments.

A $120 Gift Certificate will give someone an hour and a half consultation. A $500 dollar Gift Certificate will include a herbal program and bodywork. Customized Gift Certificates are available for those wishing to give a longer term gift.

Our gift certificates reflect our goal of connecting those with the desire to give a truly gift meaningful gift with those who need it most.

Call us at 250-468-7685 to arrange the delivery of a gift certificate! Or, you can email us at