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Island Healthworks offers quality controlled herbs & supplements

Your investment in health is perhaps the most valuable and high return choice you can make as an individual.  With growing environmental and lifestyle pressures, human health is increasingly vulnerable.

Because herbs are created by nature, not in a lab, soil conditions, growing conditions, weather conditions and harvesting conditions are major factors in the effectiveness of the herbs. Consistency in the potency of harvested batches plays a huge role in the ultimate efficacy of the herbs.

Quality Controlled Herbs available from Island Healthworks as described in our page Why Herbs? When Botany Meets Human Health offer the right potency to address specific conditions. Island Healthworks combines  integrative health care with discriminating herbal product sourcing to ensure the best possible results. Our quality controlled herbs and nutritional supplements offer premium results to best meet the growing demand for natural, holistic health products. We believe that only top quality herbs and supplements, such as those offered by our primary supplier, Nature’s Sunshine, will suffice.

Quality Controlled Herbs are capable of providing powerful health benefits as natural medicines, nutrient sources and dietary supplements. In order to hold their potency and provide the best health enhancing results, Quality Controlled Herbs are correctly grown, properly prepared and packaged to retain their freshness, purity and vitality.

Because they are often used under professional direction, our unique products offer additional potency and highly effective ingredient combinations to provide cutting edge results. Nature’s Sunshine has received many customer reports of superior results from their products, a sign that the hard work is paying off.

In order to maximise purity and potency, Island Healthworks only sources products that meet or exceed stringent growing/wild crafting and packaging standards to avoid potential contamination by foreign materials or loss of potency. Nature’s Sunshine collaborates with university research and uses third party certification to ensure that industry standards for products are met or exceeded.

Island Healthworks sourcing practices ensure the best of quality control by using products subject to quality monitoring tests throughout production process in addition to post production testing. When plants arrive raw at the 25,000 square foot Nature’s Sunshine factory with cutting edge laboratories, tests for purity and potency ensure only the best goes into the products. Further tests in production ensure their medicinal or nutritional values are not lost.

Over 600 tests are conducted on our quality controlled herbs and dietary supplements from Nature’s sunshine, including TLC monitoring, Organoleptic Identification, Microscopy and HPLC assessments. These essential elements of rigorous production ensure the avoidance of molds, bacteria and containments, while preventing oxidization, breakdown and aging that may so easily weaken the potency and effectiveness of herbs.

Purity and potency are essential in ensuring that herbal treatments do no harm and bring truly worthwhile results. Island Healthworks accepts only cutting edge results for our clients. Therefore, we are proud at Island Healthworks to offer only the best products in interests of our customer’s health and vitality.

Written by Christopher M. Stephens, Health Content Writer/Communications on Behalf of Yvonne Dollard-Perc of Island Healthworks