What is Acutherapy and its effect on the body?

Acutherapy simultaneously produces a mechanical stimulus, a thermal stimulus, and an electrical stimulus, which sets off a chain of electro-chemical reactions that send messages to the brain. The electrical current stimulates the production of neuro-transmitters.


The electrical messages are interpreted by the brain and the brain organizes the proper peptides to return the body to its homeostatic state. Most of the energies of the body are produced by the piezo-electric effect. When cells of any type are stressed, they give off their electrical potential and they can either be a positive or negative polarity of different frequencies.

skeletonAcutherapy applies piezo-electric energies of a broad spectrum of frequencies to neutralize, or normalize, spurious electrical fields thus releasing muscular tension and pain.

The Acutherapy session also places the body in a balanced condition therefore when the energy pathways are clear; messages are free to transmit and received much quicker.

The Lymphatic System and Acutherapy

The continual movement of the lymphatic fluids through the body plays an important role in the health and well-being of the body. It is absolutely vital that the lymphatic system be kept as clear as possible. The build-up of static electricity on the walls of the lymph vessels restricts the normal flow of the lymphatic fluids, thus creating a disruption of all the systems of the body. Acutherapy applied at strategic points throughout this system neutralizes static electricity thus improving the flow to help aid in the removal of waste, acids and toxins in the body. Island Healthworks offers educational classes for health care practioners who want to add Acutherapy to their professional skillset.  Contact Island Healthworks for more information about Acutherapy.

Infrared Therapy Supplies & Benefits

In addition to Acutherapy,  Island Healthworks carries infrared mats and saunas as part of our integrative health care approach. Contact Island Healthworks at 250-468-7685 for more information. Benefits derived by the regular use of an Infrared Thermal System include the following:

check_mark Remarkable Pain Relief…


The deep heat Created by the Infrared Thermal System helps blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue injuries. Infrared heaters are used by hospitals to warm premature infants. In Europe, radiant heat therapy is widely used to treat patients suffering from many forms of arthritis. In addition, far infrared therapy in Japan has been effective for relief of pain associated with backache, bursitis, fibromyalgia, headache, sprains, strains, and many other muscular-skeletal ailments. Much of the stiffness and soreness that comes with aging is reduced or eliminated in the Infrared Thermal System.

check_mark Weight Loss

Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. This would be most valuable for those who don’t or can’t exercise yet want to maintain fitness. You can burn six hundred or more calories in just one 45-minute session. The equivalent of running 3 – 4 klm. You lose weight not just water.

montage_sportscheck_mark Eliminate Harmful Toxins…

Two to three times more sweat is produced and greater detoxification of heavy metals is achieved, including: lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and fat-soluble toxins. A great way to get rid of fat in our bodies.

check_mark Athletic Performance…

Top athletes are using the Infrared Thermal System to warm their muscles before and after working out to prevent injuries and promote relaxation.

check_mark Clears Cellulite…

The Infrared Thermal System helps clear cellulite, the gel-like lumps of fat, water, and debris trapped in pockets beneath the skin. European beauty specialists routinely incorporate daily Infrared Thermal treatment in programs to reduce cellulite.

check_mark Boots Immune Response…

This radiant therapy may shorten your recovery time from colds and flues and improve the immune response. It is reported to stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes.

check_mark Improves Skin

The profuse sweating achieved in the Infrared Thermal System carries off deeply imbedded impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing and immaculately clean. Skin tone and elasticity are improved. It has been shown to relieve acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


check_markThe Human Body…

consists of billions of cells, and each is enclosed by a cell wall. This cell wall absorbs nutrition and eliminate waste material. POSITIVE IONS effect absorption and elimination in a negative way and can cause pain and diseases like, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cerebral apoplexy, and cancer.

check_markNegative Ion…

especially helps improve our health and are a major element that provides energy to the human body.

check_markNegative Ionization

When it is introduced, the IONS in calcium and natrium (salt) in the blood increases, and the blood is purified by increasing blood alkaline.

check_markNegative Ionization…

speeds up the cell function, and, as a result, nutrition is fully absorbed by the cell and waste material is eliminated.

check_markNegative Ions…

generated from the BIO-MAT will give you a refreshed feeling all day after a sound nights sleep on it and will make your mind and body feel healthy.

The autonomic nervous system controls the internal secretion of hormones that regulate the human body. There is also a sympathetic nervous system that increases the energy of the human body. The NEGATIVE IONS stabilizes and keeps these two systems in balance.

check_markNegative Ions…

control the balance in the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM between the insulin and adrenal functions. This provides strong resistance to disease.

As the amount of NEGATIVE IONS increases, the GAMMA BLOBULIN in the blood increases resulting in blood rich in protein and antibodies.

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