Daily Health Nugget – Immune System Enhancement

How Can One Support the Immune System?

Support the Immune System for Better Health

Immune Strength Depends on Multiple Body Systems

Your immune system is programmed to respond efficiently with force against a wide range of intruders. However, the immune system is only as strong as the body and organ systems it forms a part of. Opportunistic pathogens exist within the body, while many other organisms enter the human body through chance encounters. The lymphatic system, blood cells and tissue barriers all form part of your resistance network that keep the body strong, responsive and less vulnerable to hostile organisms. Proper lymphatic function ensures that waste is cleared away, while  blood cells are able to move quickly. In addition to nutrient supplying diets and reductions in stress through rest encouraging lifestyle habits,  judicious use of herbal supplements may prove helpful. IMM-C is used to support the body systems that promote immunity through nutrition, while HRP-C focuses on addressing detox and immune stimulation with possible benefits for herpes. Quality Control is an essential consideration when choosing herbal products.

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